It is crucial to follow all the eligibility rules when applying for an Australian Business Visa in order to prevent unnecessary financial loss.

It is fair to say that Australian Business Visa applications are extremely complex and difficult.

There is normally a two-step process to obtain a permanent business visa. However, some applicants had obtained Temporary Business Visas but failed to follow the rules to be eligible for the Permanent Business Visa. Such applicants had spent significant amounts of money in a business or an investment in Australia and at the end achieved nothing, they end up suffering significant financial loss and emotional stress.

At Woodlands, our role will be to guide you every step of the way and handle the Business Visa process seamlessly and expeditiously.

What We Can Do For You

At Woodlands, we assist our clients navigate the various milestones such as developing complete and accurate financial statements, cross-checking of financial statements and valuations, state nomination applications, point test calculations, sourcing suitable investment options and the Permanent Residency process.

If you send us an email or give us a call we can provide advice and help you with your migration needs.

We provide our services at a competitive fee and can organise a meeting within a short time frame.


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