Apply for an Intervention Order to protect you and your family from another family member who is violent.

When a relationship gets a bit violent, if you feel unsafe at the hands of a family member or if you fear for your children’s safety, maybe it is time to come to us and we can discuss whether to apply to the court for an Intervention Order (Family Violence or Personal Safety).

On the other hand, if you find yourself faced with an Intervention Order application against you, we can assist you in defending the order.

What is an Intervention Order?

An Intervention Order (or IVO) is an order made by a Magistrates Court imposing certain restrictions on the respondent. It will often order that the respondent does not come within a certain number of meters of the applicant, is not allowed at a certain address, or perhaps is not permitted to commit family violence against the applicant.

Having an intervention order made against you can also have significant, unintended impacts on your life. This could even impact your employment.

What We Can Do For You

We assist clients with applying for an intervention order. Courts require particular facts to be proven prior to making intervention orders.  You cannot have an intervention order if you just don’t like someone – the court has to be satisfied there is a safety risk, and a number of factors are considered.

If you want to contest an intervention order being made against you, we provide essential legal advice.

The team at Woodlands is highly experienced and has practised in Family law area for more than 25 years. Contact us today to book an appointment, and we can discuss how we can help with your legal situation.

We provide our services at a competitive fee and can organise a meeting within a short time frame.


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