Provide your children with the best care arrangement after a separation.

If there are children involved in the relationship, the separation can become even more stressful and painful. Sorting out arrangements surrounding the care and upbringing of the children is often a difficult process – however, we can assist in removing the stress and tension out of this situation.

What We Can Do For You

At Woodlands, our goal, however, is always to resolve matters with as little strife or friction as possible; at the end of the day, your children’s needs come first and we will help you to do what’s necessary to have them properly cared for.

  • We can assist in obtaining parenting orders which will set out the obligations of each parent in relation to your children.
  • We will interact with the other side on behalf of you when necessary. Sometimes, it is helpful to have us act as an ‘insulator’ between parties where the situation is acrimonious.
  • If the other parent is not cooperating, we can also assist with court orders, like urgent recovery orders or contravention applications.

The team at Woodlands is highly experienced and has practised in Family law area for more than 25 years. Contact us today to book an appointment, and we can discuss how we can help with your legal situation.

​We provide our services at a competitive fee and can organise a meeting within a short time frame.


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