For many, selling one's house is a big step.

A smooth transition in this transaction can mean the celebration of a new chapter, a bottle of champagne and preparation for the future – the last thing one needs is to be sitting around, bogged down in a myriad of unneeded complications.

At Woodlands we will do our utmost to help you sell your property without complications, and guide you every step of the way.

What We Can Do For You

We will send you a detailed letter of advice, prepare the necessary searches as well as the section 32 Vendor’s statement. We are highly experienced in preparing these documents, so you can put trust in us to draft them well.

We will organise the signing and exchange of the contract and liaise with your agent and the purchaser’s lawyers wherever necessary.

Approaching settlement, we will review the statement of adjustments submitted by the purchaser’s lawyers, organise settlement and inform you when settlement is complete.

We provide our services at a competitive fee and can organise a meeting within a short time frame.


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